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Hello 2021!: A Personal Note From Valerie


What a year it’s been! So many ups and downs; times to celebrate and times of grief for things lost. I imagine many families across this amazing country have felt this way.  The Covid pandemic had changed the way we live, whom we visit with, and even how we work.

November was especially bittersweet for our family. My father, Robert Nelson passed away at the beginning of the month. Gratefully he passed in his sleep. He was 102! He had Alzheimer’s which had progressively gotten worse his last 2 years, yet, the commitment my mother and our family had to keep him at home in the environment he knew and loved was a true blessing. Here’s dad in happier days…(he’s 100 here)


Then on November 29th, we became first-time grandparents when our son, Shane, and his girlfriend, Nicole became parents of beautiful Zahra Rose. What a full circle ending to a month that began with a loss and ended with a new life.

It’s a powerful reminder that life with both valleys and peaks and all the in-between makes us who we are and can bring unknown blessings. Yet honestly, it’s been a tough year and I will be grateful to begin 2021! 

shane 2-min.PNG

Our wish for you and your loved ones is that you find ways to celebrate in this very unique time knowing that 2020 is almost over… here’s holding your family stays open to the goodness and blessings coming in 2021.


Happy Holiday Season!

Much Love,



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