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Whether you are a couple, in business or not, Couples & Business, LLC has a program to meet your needs.  We understand how powerful your environment is to your success. Relationship and business challenges, if not addressed effectively can sabotage success in both areas. With proper support and a strong desire to succeed, you can overcome challenges. It does not need to be an either-or choice…you can create both business and personal success.  Please contact us with any questions regarding any of the items below and we will determine together the right program for your needs.

Roadmap to Extraordinary Relationships

A 16-week program for couples wanting more from their relationships

Are you challenged in your current relationship?  Are you ready to create the relationship you'd truly love? Find out how this unique program can support you in your desires.   More.

Workshops & Webinars

Various workshops and webinars with special focus on business and relationships success

Have a special relationship that needs attention?  Maybe you just need to learn how to deal with difficult situations at home and work.  Whatever the need, we have special workshops and webinars that may just be what you are looking for.  More.

Advanced Programs

Special retreats and events geared toward a more immersive and intensive experience

Experience real change in behavior, attitude and more.  These programs are designed to provide an opportunity for deeper introspection and transformation of yourself and those you love.  More.

Quantum Success Coaching Program

A individual coaching program for anyone wanting more success in their business pursuits

Are you ready to create the business and life you’d love?  Then find out how quantum success individual coaching can support you in your journey.   More.

Couples in Business Mastermind

A program geared toward helping couples in business succeed.

Work can be challenging and when you work with your spouse the challenge can become even greater.  This Mastermind will help get you and your partner on track at home and at work.  More.

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