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If you are not quite ready for individual coaching then a group program may be the perfect fit for you.


Benefits include:


Real lasting change and results

Move through blocks to create quantum success

Change your outdated thinking

Enjoy accelerated progress and results

Create clarity and focus for your life

Be in a structure of support to keep you motivated and on task

Learn how to deal effectively with your fears

And much more!





Most people endeavor to set and achieve goals, while only 10% ever accomplish what they say they want. The successful 10% all have one thing in common: they find the inspiration and structured support that they need to help them achieve their goals.  That is why personal coaching and consulting is one of the largest growing professions in the world!


When you invest in yourself and any of the options listed below you will be provided the additional support structures that you need to ensure that you succeed.


Additionally, group programs offer benefits that include smaller financial investment and opportunities to learn from others while making invaluable connections with your peers.



To customize your Quantum Success Coaching Program experience, the following courses are available upon request. 


The DreamBuilder™

     Simple yet powerful step-by-step formula for designing your dreams, and achieving HUGE results in HALF the time! 


Working with the Law™

     Reveals the 11 forgotten Universal Laws that take you beyond the Law of Attraction and into a life you truly desire.


Into Your Genius™ 

     Learn about six powerful mental faculties, that when applied to your life minimizes the struggle in goal achieving and create new and increasing levels of success.


Standing Firm When Your Whole World is Shaking

     When the going gets tough learn how to thrive applying proven, time tested principles.


Fundamentals of Success

     An introductory course that gives you a 6-step process to move you beyond doubts, fears and indecision so you can be the              person you were meant to be; the person you truly are.


Think & Grow Rich

     If you are ready to change financial challenges to a new understanding of what true abundance holds for you this classic book          and course is a must. 


Making Money Welcome

     Expanding on TAGR you will learn how to make money welcome. Imagine finally having a relaxed and peaceful relationship with money.  


The Big Leap

   “We were born genius and programmed for mediocrity”, according to Valerie, yet we don't have to accept this.  Learn about your   genius and breaking through your upper limits as we study this powerful book by Gay Hendricks and customize the program for your goals.


Mastery in Love

     If it’s time to learn how to love youself more and better understand relationships then this program is for you. Don Miguel Ruiz’s amazing book and your customized study guide will have you thinking differently about youself and your relationships.





Congratulations for investing in yourself! Choosing to do something about your success is  powerful.   To get started on your journey, please complete the form below.  I will be in touch once I receive your completed form.

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