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BLOG:  In these times let's stay connected!


Sending ‘lots of love and staying safe energy’ your way. 

We are staying at home in our lovely state and most Californians are following suit and staying put.  For that I am grateful. It’s difficult for someone like myself who likes to know what’s happening next to relax into the unknown.  We are all facing this right now.  It helps me to remember this and that:

I am NOT in control of everything in my life right now…I can control the things that matter most in my own environment like my office and bathroom and give others who do it differently in the same space.  I can control my negative thoughts and as they come I can realize that fear is not my friend and decide to think a happier thought.

And I can control how much news and warnings I absorb.  I want to stay informed however sometimes ‘enough is enough’ and I need to unplug and go do some stretches and yoga or just sit out in the sun soaking up that vitamin D.  (This is an essential vitamin right now along with Vitamin C and digestive enzymes, OPC3 and more)


And then there have been so many webinars.  I have been a Zoom fan for my coaching practice for years yet now everyone seems to be on Zoom.  I mentioned to my husband, Michael recently and to another colleague that I’ve been busier now than ever and really ramping up my Internet business.  WHY?  Because this is the perfect time to focus on helping others.  We are not running around as much.  Life is simpler in some respects.


It’s important to stay connected to people.  I have reached out to many I haven't spoken to in a while just to see how they are.  It’s been wonderful catching up!

Just thinking about you and the way you have been involved in my life currently or in the past. Please stay safe and reach out to someone and say hello. Watch out for too much negative thinking and take care of your health. We are all in this together!

PS- If you want some info on amazing products that can help you and your loved ones during this time please check out this site…or reach out to me and we can strategize for your best health. (Offering 25% off for first time buyers!)

As always, my contact info is below so you can easily reach out with any questions (text/call is best).


Much Love,



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