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This law says you must be willing to give up something of a lower value for something of a higher value (your vision) There is no reality in “getting something for nothing”.


Often figuring out what is the lesser value is can be the issue. We all have a lot of competing things going on in our lives. Some of them seem like they are in the direction of our vision and some of them can take us off course. Often I find that there are times when we all want to put blinders on and “pretend” that we are on course and that the things we are doing are moving us closer to the vision. At some point when we look at our results we can not fool ourselves.


In 2005 towards the end of my three decade career as a social worker, I was very unhappy with my life. I spent a lot of time after work on the couch watching reality TV and eating. After a defining moment that changed my life for good, I decided on a new path as a coach and started training while I was still working full time. My coaching classes were on the same night as one of my favorite reality programs (American Idol).  I did not have a recoding system and at first I felt frustrated. TV had become a habit for me. Once I immersed myself into my new career, I loved it and life became brighter. Within a short period I gave up watching TV altogether and replaced it with studying and reading inspirational books. I realized that I did not miss TV and it was not a sacrifice at all. In disciplining myself I found a freedom not known before.


Abe Lincoln is the perfect example of a well-disciplined person who invoked the Law of Sacrifice. He disciplined his life around his goals and desires. His love of discipline was the high road that led to his success leading this country out of a very costly and ugly civil war. He harnessed his power towards a desired end.


When Shakespeare says, “to thine own self be true” this is worth thinking about. If we make a decision to do something and then do not follow through how can we trust ourselves? We need to be clear that when we choose a path we are willing to pay the price. This law tells us there is always a price.


If we say we want to have greater financial freedom and prosperity for instance, we might get a strong intuitive idea about how to do this. We might even realize we need to stop spending money on things that are not in furtherance of our financial goals. When we ignore this information and keep spending a certain way that does not further our vision, we are out of alignment with this law. Do not let yourself off the hook when you make commitments that are in alignment with your vision. Disciplined follow through is needed.

Sacrifice is an inescapable necessity…there is always something of a lesser value to be sacrificed for something worthy.


Where do you need to be more disciplined? What one or two things could you give up that you know would have a positive effect on you and allow for more time and attention to your vision?


To Discipline!



P.S.  If you would like more support learning how to become more disciplined in order to achieve your most desired goals, give us a call.  In between our speaking and coaching engagements, we carve out a few individualized sessions each month. Schedule your appointment here.


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