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If you are an entrepreneur or in a family business you already know how challenging it can be to turn off work at home.  If you work from your home there is an extra challenge as well because there is no physical separation.


In the research and work we’ve done with family businesses, in particular those run by spouses, there is compelling information leading us to believe that those businesses that have clearly defined boundaries are more successful in the long run.

We are talking about those boundaries around when to stop working and when to play.  Boundaries need to have built in flexibility as work emergencies and life circumstances will happen.

Where are they more successful when they have clearly defined, yet flexible boundaries?



  • They are more successful in keeping the intimacy alive in their relationship.  They do not just look at each other as business partners 24/7.  Love is at the center of their relationship and they remember and celebrate what brought them together in the first place…


  • They are more successful in productivity.  They are more productive when working because they make choices based on their priorities and values.  During their defined work hours they are fully immersed in their work and do not bring home challenges into the work place…


  • They are more successful in keeping stress low.  They have less stress than those entrepreneurs that work around the clock because they know the value of relaxing, playing and having FUN…


If you are NOT experience this success in your family business because boundaries are blurred, there are things you can do to correct this.  You are in the perfect place wherever you are starting from.

Stay tuned… next week we’ll focus on some strategies to help the business couple or solopreneur in keeping flexible boundaries.


To Flexible Boundaries,

P.S.  If you would like more support in applying these principles, give us a call.  In between our speaking and coaching engagements, we carve out a few individualized sessions each month. Schedule your appointment here.


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