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Are you a business owner/entrepreneur who feels challenged when you hear the word “marketing”?


Does this conjure up a bit of fear, some negative/limiting self talk, beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors? You love what you do so you just want the people to come to you by the Law of Attraction and forget about marketing your business. If this sounds vaguely familiar you are not alone.


Yet, in order to have a thriving business you must market- and you know this.  So, let’s talk about things you can do now to reframe this challenge to make it an OPPORTUNITY.


  • If you market authentically then your business will reflect who you are with all your “humanness” including your limited thinking & self sabotaging behavior. That’s the beauty of being “you.” People will be “attracted” to you when you are acting in an authentic manner and perhaps even being “vulnerable.” They trust that you know what they are going through as you’ve been there too.


  • As you confront new challenges or do something you’ve never done before you will often feel scared and may default back to old beliefs and patterns about yourself so expect this. This way you will not be “surprised” when “old” beliefs/patterns re-surface. Often you are not at the same place but at a different or deeper level and are ready to integrate your new awareness-(it’s like peeling an onion)


  • Practice helps you to get over the “jitters” and will help grow confidence in your abilities. Sometimes you need to script out what you want to say about your business/product, and say it out loud to get use to talking in this manner. If you know that public speaking is something you need practice on join a group like Toastmasters or work with acoach/mentor.


  • You are not alone! Everyone has fears & limited beliefs at times. Did you know that Neale Donald Walsh, bestselling author (Conversations with God) once reported how fearful he was when public speaking. He was afraid of saying something “stupid”. Every time he got up to speak he wished that his words came out like they did when he was writing. There are countless examples of accomplish, well know people who still face their fears and therefore are successful.


  • Acknowledge your fears/limited beliefs: This is a powerful first step so you can begin to confront them lovingly. Ignoring/denying them will not work for long. Make a list of your top 3 fears and decide to make peace with them. (Next weeks blog post will give you ideas)


  • Re-write your marketing story: Imagine yourself without your fears and limiting beliefs and visualize how your business would be different and how you would feel without your fears, limited beliefs or self-sabotaging behavior. Painting this picture vividly and visualizing it often is a powerful tool. 


  • Look at marketing as a conversation with others-If you are passionate about what you do and someone doesn’t need your service, that’s okay. You’ve educated them about what you do, they may refer others to you in the future or may even come back to you at a later time when it’s right for them.


  • Shift to a more successful mindset and re-frame your fears, i.e.: Marketing is hard work; shift: Marketing can be interesting and I’m always learning more about myself and others in the process.


  • Welcome failures as opportunities: Remember the famous failures? The Beatles, Michael Jordan, Chicken Soup series, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and many more examples. Most great ideas, projects and people were meet with multiple rejections and perceived failures but they did not give up because they believed in themselves. Keep believing and persisting. If what you are doing is truly yours to do you will succeed or be re-directed to another dream.


  • Let Go and surrender to the process knowing all is well.  When you’ve confronted your limiting beliefs/behaviors, examined your driving motivation to make a change, taken daily action then it’s time to trust that all is working for your highest good. It is a safe universe. You are divinely guided and looked after. I like to say, “God has your back”.


To Your Marketing Brilliance,


P.S.  If you would like more support in applying these principles, give us a call.  In between our speaking and coaching engagements, we carve out a few individualized sessions each month. Schedule your appointment here.

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