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BLOG:  We are living in a new normal… how are you doing?


This is a departure from our normal topics yet we believe it's super important to address. It is not political. It’s about health and well-being in our changed environment.

I will admit that I have struggled with this over the last few months. I want to believe that things are getting better and that this pandemic is under control and if we just keep our immune system strong and take good care of our bodies we will be fine.  

And generally, I do believe this.   


Then there are times I feel challenged…

I know of people who have died and have empathy for their families. They were not able to be with their loved ones to comfort them and say goodbye.  And of course our front line heroes deal with this daily taking such toils on them.  

Viewing the big picture, our frustrations and challenges seem petty, however, must be acknowledged if we are to heal from this pandemic and thrive. 


We are tired of mainly staying home, wearing masks outside, always washing our hands and when exposed, quarantining for 14 days. Many of us have done this for the past 6 months and counting. We either want to ignore the whole thing and get on with our lives or we find ourselves concerned and preoccupied with our health and that of our loved ones.  I don’t often see any middle ground-either you are done with it or preoccupied with concerns.


So what can we do in this new environment? How can we cope better? Here are some ideas that have helped me:

♦ Stay connected while following good protocol…Acknowledge to yourself and people you trust how you feel…some have been more disconnected from people than others and as social beings, this can be challenging. Just like after a good cry or belly laugh we just feel better when we talk to others and reach out.

♦ Stay active …(mind, body, spirit). We know the benefit of moving our bodies daily and also this may be great times for doing more like a body cleanse, yoga, meditating and reading things that inspire us.  

♦ Stay informed yet not all the time….the info on what to do to stay COVID safe can be confusing. We all have to decide what we believe. I have enjoyed listening to Dr. John Campbell on You Tube. He is a wealth of info and gives us the facts from reputable sources. 

♦ Stay curious and try something new….I’ve taken to cooking new and various meals, mostly vegan and gluten free. I rarely found time to cook before and didn’t enjoy it…that’s changed now. It’s been fun to use different spices and gluten free substitutes and try new creations, some better than others-lol!  

♦ Stay open to new opportunities. The new normal gives us many opportunities to explore our inner and outer world and make changes as needed. How many of us have cleaned out drawers, closets and de-cluttered much of the house? De-cluttering physical spaces and outdating thinking are all necessary to welcome the new. Who can we help and what ways can we better our community? These are all great opportunities to reach out to others who are in need.

We can thrive in the new normal and find unique ways to cope and love our lives! We'd love to hear what you are doing too.


To You & the New Normal!

Much Love,



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