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​​Relationships can be challenging at times - no doubt about it.  If your day-to-day interactions with your spouse or intimate partner leaves you feeling frustrated, lonely, bored or resigned to the way things are then it's time you did yourself and them a favor.


Do you wonder how your relationship got off track?

Do you desire more fun and/or passion in your intimate relationship?

Do you work with your spouse/partner and have confllicts running the business together?

Are business demands creating challenges in your intimate relationship?

Would you like to know how to have your partner notice, appreciate and love you more?

Are things just "OK" yet you know they could be better?

Are you having more fun with your friends than with your partner?


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, please join us for the Courageous Loving Experience workshop in Clearwater, Florida!

This relationship-changing workshop will empower you to begin taking the steps necessary to transform your intimate relationships from ordinary to extraordinary.  You will leave the event with greater understanding and feeling more effective in your relationship.  You will also learn how to get closer to your partner by understanding your differences and changing unhealthy communication patterns.


With over 45 years combined experience helping indivduals and couples, we know how to help you get the most our of your relationships.  In addition to some experiential workshop activities, we will teach you a powerful exercise designed to support you in challenging communication situations you are likely to experience in most partnerships.  Don't settle!  Your relationship can be better than "good enough" or "ho-hum".  You deserve more.  Your relationship can be.... 



We know firsthand how painful it can be when you are struggling with your partner and how it often impacts everything else as well. In our 34 years together we’ve experienced difficult times and almost gave up until we made a commitment to live and love courageously.

The first decade of our marriage was quite ordinary yet it mirrored so many of our family and friends' relationships and how they interacted so we thought it was normal. There were times when one or both of us wondered if this was really a healthy relationship because we had power struggles and misunderstandings and often felt something was missing. Our family and friends thought we were too serious about wanting to change things and that we should just accept that “relationships have problems and leave it at that”. We read books and took couples courses during that decade in hopes of making things better yet what occurred was mostly the Band-Aid effect and we would quickly go back to our learned habits and roles. We had thoughts and fantasies about being with a partner that really understood us and sometimes thought about divorce.


After a very critical and challenging time where we came so close to splitting up, we made a decision to work on ourselves first and stop looking to our partner to change. We decided to leave no stone unturned even if it meant we went our separate ways. That time was so powerful because it literally changed everything in our marriage requiring us to make a radical shift in our thinking. Making that shift took courage and persistence yet we knew without a shift things would get much worse for everyone. The starting point was our desire for something better and the absolute frustration of not knowing how to make it better. Shortly after that critical time we had rapid breakthroughs that changed the dynamics in our marriage, up-leveling everything we had learned from our family and friends.


Admittedly, our marriage is a work in progress, and we are continually growing and expanding in our awareness, yet today, we enjoy more love and a deeper connection than ever before. We are more creative, more in awe of each other, more curious about each other and definitely not the same people who meet in 1980-thank God!


Because of our own challenges and our desire to help couples thrive and not have to go through a decade like we did, we created the Courageous Loving program. Our 7-step system to take your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary incorporates what we did to transform our marriage along with other practical strategies with proven results. And we know it works because we are not only working together now we are thriving together!


And now you CAN too!


Identify and transform your deeply held relationship beliefs so you can STOP ineffective habits and behaviors, get UNSTUCK and get CLOSER to your partner NOW.

Communicate more effectively which will STOP power struggles, misunderstandings and old issue recycling, bringing closeness and intimacy to your relationship and an ability to really HEAR each other in powerful new ways.

Experience a more FUN and EMPOWERING relationship as you begin to make sense of your differences and STOP trying to get your partner to see things your way.



A relationship professional wanting to gain new insights to use in your own work with couples or individuals.

An entrepreneurial couple who is challenged by running both their business and home life and needs more balance.

A couple wanting more from your current relationship.

A couple looking for solutions to your ongoing challenges.

So, get ready to immerse yourself into this fun-filled experience so you can begin removing the roadblocks to relationship success and take any of your relationships to the next level.  See what some of our previous participants had to say about their workshop experience.



Get an overview of the Courageous Loving program on this audio download where you will learn the 7-step system that Michael and Valerie created that changed their marriage.


e-Book copy of Courageous Loving, 3 Strategies for Greater Connection in Relationships that Matter.

Learn about 3 fundamental principles you can begin to apply today that will jump-start your Courageous Loving Experience!


Enjoy this radio interview on Dating and Relationships over 50 (KJRB radio)


The first five couples that register will receive a private 90-minute session with Michael, where you will strategize your unique relationship needs and challenges and walk away with an action plan. Can be used before or after the workshop.    (Valued at $300)  



When:   Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

(registration/check-in from 8:00 a.m. - 8:25 a.m.) 

Event will start at 8:30 a.m. so please be registered prior to that.


Where:  Countryside Country Club, 3001 Countryside Blvd., Clearwater, Florida  33761


Continental Breakfast & Buffet lunch included.

Your Investment per Couple

Only $137


Until 9/9/16, a full refund will be granted if you cancel within 3 days of payment.  After three days, no refund will be granted, however, your ticket is fully transferrable.   Absolutely no refunds can be granted after 9/9/16. 


VALERIE is a certified coach/business consultant, published author and national speaker. Previously she was the CEO of Inspired Living Now, LLC, formed in 2007, a company that offered programs for small business owners and women entrepreneurs ready to up level their results. She has worked successfully with hundreds of entrepreneurs.


Since forming Couples and Business, LLC with her husband Michael of 35 years, her primary focus is working with spouse/couple run businesses supporting them to thrive personally and professionally. There are unique challenges that these companies face and both Michael and Valerie grew up with family who worked together and saw some of the challenges and benefits firsthand. 

Their company provides business and relationship coaching, assessments, workshops, signature presentations, couples retreats and programs.  The couples programs are based on a unique system she co-created with Michael: Courageous Loving-Taking Relationships from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Additionally, Valerie’s background includes 30 years of combined experience in social work, law/mediation, counseling and advocacy. She holds a Juris Doctorate degree and BA in Social Work.  

MICHAEL is a relationship expert who has worked with thousands of individuals, couples, and families since 1979.  He is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in the states of Washington and California.  Michael has been a Clinical Member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy since 1995.

His passion is to help couples who work together in business, and any couple wanting more, to create extraordinary powerful relationships that keep love and intimacy alive.


Michael believes since life is precious and short that we must live it to the fullest and with no regrets. 

This requires a certain the amount of courage as life has many challenges. In order to face these challenges we must rise to the occasion, grow, and make the necessary adjustments.
In addition to Michael’s work with adolescents, parents, and families, he spent five years doing crisis intervention work where he developed the skills to manage the most difficult of circumstances.

Both Michael and Valerie believe strongly the conflicts inherent in any significant relationship are the building blocks for a couple’s transformation. They coach clients that nothing is going wrong and help them realize the challenges they face are tools they can use to improve communication and understanding.

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