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Courageous Couples

A handbook for empowering couples to thrive personally and professionally.

If you’re looking for a better way to do business together, this is the resource you’ve been waiting for. Not your average how-to business book, Courageous Couples gives you practical, yet powerful exercises and strategies to keep your relationship thriving while running your business. Valerie and Michael are both experts in their respective fields and share their 7-step system with authenticity and vulnerability.

You will learn:

• Ways to overcome limiting beliefs from your past that are hindering your future

• How to discover both your personal and shared vision for your business and life

• Ways to form practical boundaries around work to avoid burnout

• How to find your GENIUS and begin working in it

• What to do to create a sustainable, scalable business foundation

• Effective communicate for genuine connection

• How to navigate any challenge together

• Why keeping things spicy in the bedroom is essential to your success And so much more!


“Courageous Couples is a must-read for anyone who works with their intimate partner or is considering working together. With straightforward language, Michael and Valerie share their 7-step system that empowers couples who work together to thrive. They are experts with over 40 years combined experience and use their coaching, psychological and relationship knowledge to help guide you through the process.  No matter where you are starting from, you will learn how to work together with greater ease and a deeper understanding of your partner and yourself.” 

~Mary Morrissey, Best-Selling Author and CEO/Founder, Life Mastery Institute



“Michael and Valerie are heartfelt professionals that can guide you through the challenges and pitfalls of working together while keeping your relationship front and center. Courageous Couples demonstrates and teaches how to apply sound personal development, success and business principles, which will keep you thriving in all areas of your life.”

~Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream University, Best-Selling Author, DREAM: Clarify and Create What You Want

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