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It is the LOVE month even though we know that love is not something just to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day we sometimes take our loved ones and ourselves for granted, assuming we will have time to figure things out and get it right. 


Maybe we haven’t even really given much thought to what we want for ourselves when it comes to our intimate relationships. 

So, for a moment, let’s imagine this.


Another way of saying this is what do you want more of and what would you like less of in your current relationship? 

We can’t even get to imagining and then believing we can “have it all it all” if we are not clear from the start what “having it all” means to us.  We get tripped up here because often we think we want something and it may be based on what others think would be good for us or what we think we deserve or can have.  Mostly this model is based on what we’ve done before and is limiting.  


For a moment, just close your eyes and take some deep breaths and imagine your perfect relationship (or business/life).   Now, answer this question, “What do you want more of and what do you want less of in your relationship (or the area you want to focus on)?"


Allow yourself to dream BIG….


Making the decision to dream big can be a scary endeavor for many people, and yet it’s the exercise that leads us to living a life we absolutely love.
What if we gave ourselves permission to dream beyond our current reality? Where could these thoughts take us?
Taking these two preliminary steps can help you begin building your dream relationship.


1. Honor your discontent.
Discontent is an important signal from our soul that something bigger is seeking to emerge through us. Give yourself permission to enter and explore the realm of your deep desires. Harness this discontent by letting the dream begin to live in your mind and heart as a true possibility. Notice your body and your emotions. Does the feeling of desire heighten your sense of aliveness? An expanded feeling of aliveness is an important indicator that you are on the right path.
2. Practice repeating “Up until now…” to keep thoughts of your past experience from limiting your possible futures.
If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten. Pause for a moment. You’ll hear the old chatter that dictates every reason for not taking a risk. Listen, then pause. All these negative experiences and disappointments may have been true in the past. Now is the time to shrug them off. Your history does not determine your destiny. All your disappointments and regrets belong to a time that is ending in this moment. 


So, you can say, “Up until now I was afraid to ask my partner for what I truly want.”  NOW I am changing that.  Repeat: “My history does not determine my destiny”


In the next moment, let out your yearnings in a first roar of awakening. This is a roar of triumph.


You Can Have it All!







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