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Couples And Business
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If you are a couple who work together in your business, a couple committed to keeping your relationship strong and thriving, or a busy entrepreneur you are in the right place.  We deliver multi-layered and transformational coaching and consulting solutions for many of the challenges you may be facing in your business and/or relationship.  If you are ready to work with professionals with over 35 years combined experience who are dependable, principled, knowledgeable and who care, then contact us to schedule a private, complimentary consultation by clicking the blue heart above.


Couples And Business
Couples And Business
Couples  Enrichment
Couples in Business Together
Valerie and Michael Lipstein
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The Secret Tool to Manifesting

There is a science to manifesting your vision, which is all about holding the vibration of your vision. Another way of saying this is that to manifest your vision, i.e.: take it from the invisible to material form, you will need to change your thinking and your energy.


That famous Einstein quote is so relevant here, ’Problems cannot be solved by the same level of awareness that created them.’ Applying this concept to our vision, although we may not see it as a ‘problem’ there is the gap of where we currently stand and the vision itself.


So, what is the secret tool to manifesting our vision? In one word, it’s visualization.


Available Here





An emerging focus of our business is health and wellness.  Without our health and well being it’s not feasible to run a business or focus on improvements to intimate and business partner interactions.   Now more than ever this has taken center stage with the current Covid-19 pandemic.  


Featuring a unique supplementation called Isotonix...

With Isotonix:

  • Rapidly absorbed by the body up to 95%

  • A high concentration of vitamins and minerals

  • Maximum results


 For more info CLICK HERE 


Couples And Business

What is Making Money Welcome about?

It's all about rebooting your belief system-your BS. In this group program you will dive deeply into your money history and stories that keep you stuck.  You will understand and build on your changing and growing awareness of abundance as you embrace this into your life.  You will learn new strategies to support you to change your BS.  Understanding and taking action can unlock prosperity and joy for yourself, in your business and your personal life.  Being in a structure of support often accelerates your learning as you share and grow together.

Learn how to make money work for you instead of the other way around.  If you know it's time for a better relationship with money then join us...

                  Learn More HERE

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Are you a couple who work together in your business? (even if part-time)?  We understand and we've created a private space for you to share your challenges, wins and get support from others.  You don't have to do it alone! Ask to join us in this private group.




CLE Couples Enrichment Workshops

        For more info contact us HERE


Michael and Valerie Lipstein understand that working together has it's challenges and that every relationship is unique.

Yet with the right support, guidance and

attention you can take an ordinary 

relationship and make it



Click here to read more about Michael and Valerie.


If you work with your spouse or are in an intimate relationship and are struggling, we can help.  Check out our services here.


Couples And Business

"Courageous Loving Experience Workshop for couples was an amazing experience for me. For me this day was about learning to become a better partner by becoming a better me. The hand on my heart exercise is something Paul and I agree we shall do at home. Just listening to the others was helpful on not feeling alone. Michael & Valerie thank you."

~Kay McKenzie Seminole, FL


"Val and I want to thank you for a wonderful experience we shared at your workshop. Thank you for the great seminar and your experiences, knowledge and expertise of such an important topic." 

~David & Val Bates

                        Seminole, FL


"Our experience in this couples workshop was FABULOUS! We were able to take away some ideas to implement right away - facing each other - giving the criticisms in a positive way - to prevent the Sharp Knife! We will forever thank Michael & Valerie for this WONDERFUL experience!"


           ~Les & April Saland 

                         Land O'Lakes, FL

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